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  • Staci Neustadt

Teaching Give and Take: Building Strong Relationships

As human beings, we all want to feel connected with others. Our mission is to help you connect with autistic individuals through understanding.

I hope you sit and really think about our topic this week. Are you a giver? Are you a taker? Do you have a good balance or does it depend on the person?

As a therapist, I am child-led but I also incorporate "give and take." In this week's episode, Susan and I (Staci) talk about the tool Susan developed as a guideline to teach "give and take" using a "Therapy Agreement." This can also be used by teachers and parents:)

Susan shares, "All relationships to be successful have to be give and take. You can't be all giver or all taker. That relationship is never going to thrive. That's the foundation that you want to teach

autistics because if you're all giving that's what you are teaching them. That everybody should simply give me what I want. Because we're very literal and concrete, and if that's what you're doing, then we expect that's how a relationship works. On the flip side, if you are authoritarian and you're saying I need from you, and you must do this, then we think, oh, that's how a relationship works.

Listen to the whole episode here

Get your FREEBIE "Therapy Agreement" guideline and visual here

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