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Evaluations for Children, Teens & Adults

Start with a thorough evaluation to discover your or your child's strengths and supports needed for success

  • Articulation/Phonology

  • Expressive Language

  • Receptive Language

  • Pragmatic Language

  • Social Communication

  • Auditory Processing

Individualized Therapy

Staci Neustadt, Certified Speech and Language Pathologist, specializes in supporting Autistic children, teens, and adults.  She has experience in the areas above as well as Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). 

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"When we started with Staci I was flooded with a new point of view and the correct way of coaching.   Staci changed the course of my daughters regression.

My daughter who when she started with us was only saying apple, and a few words on her AAC device.  Almost immediately we had great success with Staci! She was very informative in how she coached me. I learned so much about speech but not only speech autism, body autonomy, sensory processing, strategies that were motivating to my daughter. We are able to bridge the gap with AAC, growing tremendously with spoken, non verbal, sign, and AAC. Less aggression, less frustration on a daily basis.  Staci has taught me how to help my daughter advocate for herlsef, giving her the tools to say yes/no which has been the biggest part, building her self-advocacy.

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Receive Quality Therapy You Deserve

To learn more about our Speech and Language Therapy services or
the Neuro-Strengths
  Based Support for Autism Framework, please contact us today. 

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