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you know better.
Then when you know better, do better."



For Parents of Autistic Children &
Autistic Individuals Navigating the World

Receiving a diagnosis of autism for your child can feel overwhelming. As parents, professionals may advise several hours of different types of therapy. Parents want to feel involved and be a part of the support but may not know how. Making Sense of Autism helps guide parents in understanding how their child’s brain processes the world around them. We help parents see the strengths their child holds and how to build on those strengths. We help parents feel empowered to help their child grow into an adult who achieves the goals they desire. 


As an Autistic individual trying to navigate the Neurotypical world, it can be confusing.  It can 

impact Mental Health as Autistics may feel the push to be "Neurotypical" or "fit in." 
Susan has often asked “Why don’t Neurotypical people say what they are really thinking?”
Making Sense of Autism can help support you as you discover and grow in our world.

Each coaching package is individualized for the family and/or Autistic individual.   Coaching includes an assessment using the Neuro-StrengthsTM Based Support for Autism protocols, input from the family/individual, and a flexible number of coaching sessions dependent on the needs of the family/individual.

Those seeking coaching can learn from both
Neurotypical & Neurodivergent coaches

Using The Neuro-StrengthsTM Based Support for Autism Framework, your coach will guide you through the following:​

  • Identifying individual motivations, strengths in learning, weakness, and limitations

  • Understand sensory differences between the individual (or yourself) and others

  • Identify non-verbal communication (behavior) from a brain (neurological) perspective

  • See the differences yet often similarities of how the Neurotypical and Neurodiverse brains work to gain a better perspective and understanding of each other

  • Create a plan based on what the individual wants to gain or learn, what the family hopes to achieve through their learning

Making Sense of Autism Coaching

By following this approach, individuals will gain a stronger connection with others.  Families will understand how to connect with their loved ones.

"After receiving goals and guidance on how to implement the goals, my client has participated more in activities initiated by the therapist, parents have shared that the client is happy about going to therapy and the use of the client’s AAC device to communicate has increased and negative behavior has decreased during the therapy session."

"I think it [NSBSA] has helped him engage more and he wants to be involved with others more."




Explore the Possibilities

To learn more about our Coaching services or
The Neuro-Strengths
TM  Based Support for Autism Framework, please contact us today. 

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