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you know better.
Then when you know better, do better."



For Parents of Autistic Children &
Autistic Individuals Navigating the World

When your child is identified autistic you may have many questions, but don't worry—there's a helpful guide just for you! It's called "Making Sense of Autism™," and it's like a roadmap to understanding how your child's brain works.


We know that, as a parent, you want to be part of supporting your child, but you might not be sure where to start. That's where we come in!

Our coaching framework is designed to show you the unique strengths your child has and how you can help them grow and achieve their goals. We want you to feel confident and empowered on this journey. Imagine watching your child turn into a successful adult, reaching all the dreams they have!

If you're an autistic individual trying to figure out the Neurotypical world, we get it. It can be confusing, and sometimes you might feel the pressure to be "Neurotypical" or fit in. Ever wondered why Neurotypical people don't always say what they're really thinking? Susan asked the same question, but don't worry—we've got your back!

Making Sense of Autism™ is here to support you as you explore and thrive in a world that wasn't made to be inclusive (but we hope one day will be). Our coaching packages are like personal guides tailored just for you and your family or for Autistic individuals. We developed tools specifically for the Neuro-Strengths Based Support for Autism framework to make sure everything fits your unique needs. Plus, we listen to what you and your family or you as an individual need, so it's super flexible!

With Making Sense of Autism™, you're not alone on this journey—we're here to help you make sense of it all and make sure you and your child or you as an individual can shine bright!

Assessment: $500 (2-4 hour assessment, 1.5-2 hour results session)

Coaching: $150 per session

*For financial support from our Non-Profit partner Baio Institute, click here

Those seeking coaching can learn from both
Neurotypical & Neurodivergent coaches

Using The Neuro-Strengths Based Support for Autism Framework, your coach will guide you through the following:​

  • Identifying individual motivations, strengths in learning, weakness, and limitations

  • Understand sensory differences between the individual (or yourself) and others

  • Identify non-verbal communication (behavior) from a brain (neurological) perspective

  • See the differences yet often similarities of how the Neurotypical and Neurodiverse brains work to gain a better perspective and understanding of each other

  • Create a plan based on what the individual wants to gain or learn, what the family hopes to achieve through their learning

Making Sense of Autism Coaching

By following this approach, individuals will gain a stronger connection with others.  Families will understand how to connect with their loved ones.

"I am so incredibly glad that we were able to work with Staci and Sue with Making Sense of Autism™. The name of the company truly says it all!

They help non-autistics understand the strengths and motivations of our complex kiddos on the spectrum. I gained so many new insights, had a perspective shift, and walked away with some very practical tools and resources that we can implement immediately. 

We’ve already seen our daughter grow leaps and bounds in her acceptance of her Neurodivergent brain and all the gifts and strengths that come with it. I love the focus on our child’s strengths, as that has been very helpful. 

I highly recommend that if you have a child or loved one on the autism spectrum that you reach out and get an assessment and coaching. It has truly been life-changing, and we are so blessed to have found this wonderful organization.


Explore the Possibilities

To learn more about our Coaching services or
The Neuro-Strengths
TM  Based Support for Autism Framework, please contact us today. 

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