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  • Staci Neustadt

Listen To Who I Am

I have seen it firsthand. When I work with a client whose family accepts their child's differences in communication and unique interests that may not be their own or can co-regulate (accept) the emotions, I hear about how that child feels comfortable around others. They feel safe and understood in the place that feels most safe, at home.

We want all autistic individuals to feel safe at home and in the community. Our mission is to continue to educate the community so everyone understands autism and it is no longer a mystery. This can only happen when everyone listens:)

"What autistics want to learn right now is how can I be heard by other people.   The person I know myself to be, not the person they perceive me or want to perceive me to

be. I had that experience first with my husband, explaining to him that I wasn't the person he thought he married, but I'm autistic.  That was hard for him to make that shift. He had to have small doses to understand just how different I was. 


I've experienced several other times in my life where people would approach and take an interest in actually wanting to hear my story of who I am and how I experience life differently than they do.


That is what they want to experience, someone taking an interest in who they really are and how they experience life differently so that they can let go of the misperception and actually feel comfortable in the presence of at least one other person."

Listen to Susan HERE

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